Meet our Whistler Instructor – Colin Garritty!

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My passion for the mountains has led me through a rigorous program of education, training, and experience building that has definitely been too much fun to call hard work.
A Bachelor of Arts in Recreation Sport and Tourism from University of Alberta, Active member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, ACMG Hiking Guide, and CSGA Level 2 Ski Guide, I am serious about the privilege of showing others the places that inspire me. 

From my studies at Otago University’s Department of Tourism in New Zealand to starting my ski guiding career in the Japan Alps, my experience is international and diverse. I have an appreciation of both the intellectual and the practical aspects of tourism and I strive to connect these through my work as a guide and as an instructor of outdoor disciplines such as the Avalanche Canada Avalanche Skills Training program.

Teaching at Tamwood has allowed me to share my passion for tourism with like minds from around the world. Whether the objective is alpine or academic, to me nothing is more satisfying than helping a motivated individual to achieve it.


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