Three Remarkable Testimonials

At Tamwood Careers, we put our students’ learning, growth and progress first. It thrills us to know that our Hospitality and Tourism program positively affects and changes lives one student at a time. Here are three testimonials from our dear students that attest to Tamwood Careers.


Kenny Wessner, Switzerland

As a young man from Europe, I definitely had my doubts about my stay in Canada. A new country, a foreign language, a new school and a totally different culture are just a few out of many points I was afraid of. The moment I joined Tamwood Careers all my doubts were gone. I got the chance to meet people from all over the world, my teachers were professional but entertaining as well and the program was interesting and absolutely helpful. I will never forget how much I laughed in these classrooms. You wake up in the morning, walking through Vancouver downtown, what is breathtaking by the way, and you just know it’s going to be a great day. Tamwood Careers is not just a school where you learn things about hospitality and tourism, it is a school which helps you to build the foundation for your future career. Your knowledge about different cultures as well as your skills in English is getting better just by joining the class every morning and talking with your new friends you gained during your stay. The course itself provides you with essential information and prepares you perfectly for the hospitality industry.


In my case, I wanted to transfer to Whistler to become a ski instructor. One day we had a guest speaker in class, an impressive lady with tons of experience in hospitality. It was a pleasure listening to her and I ended up applying for a job at the same hotel she was working for. My teachers and she convinced me to work as a bellperson at the Delta Hotel Burnaby and Conference Center which turned out as an amazing decision. My front office team welcomed me with a big smile which was the start of a wonderful 6 month work-term. Two of my favorite experiences as a bellman were that I was given the opportunity to train new team members and I personally got the chance to host the Vice President of Marriott Hotels Canada. Furthermore, approaching guest in a professional way, picking up phones, problem-solving, attending meetings are just four out of hundred points I learned during my stay at the Marriott property. I had so much fun and I could feel how I got better and better every day I was working. And in addition to that everything I did, I was doing in a foreign language, which I thought I would never be able to accomplish.

Again, I’m sure Tamwood Careers is part of my foundation for my future life! Even though I’ll go back to Europe, and I will be sad when that day comes, my journey was covered with funny moments, new friendships and amazing experiences. And I’ll go back as a different person, a better and stronger person!


Quang Nguyen, Vietnam

My study term: Tamwood Careers

From the first day I started school at Tamwood, I felt very welcomed. Our instructors (Rob and Tyler) are extremely dedicated. They always teach students with passion and are willing to lend a helping hand whenever we are in need. The faculty are friendly and caring as well. I strongly believe that Tamwood is a perfect school for people who want to improve their knowledge as well as create a strong competitive advantage over others in the field of hospitality.

viet student

My work term: Nightingale

Having a chance to work for Nightingale, the newest upscale restaurant of Rosewood Hotel Georgia’s Hawksworth, is a huge honor for me. The positions I held were Server Assistant and later, a Server Assistant Trainer.  I feel so proud having been part of the restaurant since day one when it opened its doors, observing, learning and working hard as one of their main service staff. I have learned and developed the skills necessary to work well in both a team environment as well as on my own, to be able to think on my feet to solve problems without being given direction and to operate in a fast paced, demanding environment. Working for Nightingale restaurant is definitely one of the best experiences in my life.


Yandra Espinal, Dominican Republic 

Canada has always been one of the countries that I’ve wanted to visit. But being a student here allowed me to do both study and work. Therefore, providing a better opportunity to experience this amazing and welcoming culture.


Being part of Tamwood Careers for me was a very significant experience. My classmates and I experienced many emotions together, from culture shock moments to great learning opportunities. Our professors were also very supportive and provided much appreciate praise for a job well done. Of course, there were moments where constructive criticism was needed and this too they provided with great effectiveness. All of this enhanced me personally and professionally. Specifically, the unconditional support from my two professors, Tyler and Rod, really made an impact in my life. And for that I am grateful.

To speak about my work experience fills me with joy and satisfaction. And that’s a result of having put into practice what I learned in my hospitality class at Tamwood. It helped me increase my English level both in verbal and written communication. It also thought me to work efficiently in a multicultural work environment. Learning about different cultures is truly a unique aspect of studying and working in Canada. I strongly believe that this will in the end mold me in to the best possible professional I can be. Thank you for everything!

Written by : Tamwood Careers

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