Top 5 reasons to explore a career in hospitality

Have you ever considered starting a career in the hospitality industry? Are you driven to exceed expectations to go above & beyond and give off the best experience? Here are our 5 reasons why we think you should explore a career in hospitality and tourism:

Develop a universal skillset

All the skills you learn and develop while working in hospitality and tourism are transferrable to a promotion or even a different industry. This makes you able to work anywhere in the world and because you’ve become acquainted with working in the industry, it won’t be too difficult to adjust.

Flexible schedule

Gone are the 9-5 working hours! In hospitality & tourism industry, your shifts vary. This allows you greater flexibility to control your schedule and do things in a day you would not be able to had you had a standard 9-5 job. You could even pick up a new hobby or passion project.

The people you work with

Most people hired in the industry have great interpersonal and communication skills which makes it easier to work and get to know each other. You learn a thing or two from each other and may also become lifelong friends with your colleagues outside of work. Once you establish rapport, it makes going to work even better.

Work Perks

Compensation is competitive and most the time, commensurate of experience. You get the standard healthcare/dental benefits when you work full time and can be eligible for discounts & promotions at your workplace or sister companies locally/globally. When you have a network in the industry, you too would get the latest updates and insider scoop!

You make someone’s day

Reality is that every individual working in hospitality and tourism provide the best customer service & are congenial no matter what job title is held. You are the highlight in making a person’s experience an awesome and unforgettable one. Take pride in that.

Hospitality and Tourism is a great avenue to jumpstart your career. It is important to note though that you have to keep an open mind, be willing to put your ego aside, be determined to grind and put in the hard work into building a career. There are no shortcuts in work and in life, so best to enjoy every step of the way.


Tamwood Careers has a Hospitality & Tourism program at Vancouver and Whistler that equips its students with the necessary skills making them knowledgeable and employable prior to starting a career in the industry. For more information, email us at or call us at 604-899-4480.

Written by : Tamwood Careers

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