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Wherever you choose to go in life, Tamwood Careers helps you to get there.


Enroll in a work and study program at Tamwood Careers College to gain valuable skills and experience that will make you work-ready for today’s global workplace.


Our sister company GO International has staff working in Tamwood Careers to assist students in sourcing and securing the best jobs possible quickly and easily.

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Tamwood has an experienced and caring homestay coordinator who carefully screens and selects homestays. Most homestays are 25-40 minutes from the school by local transit…

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One-on-one Student Support is available to all students. There are staff members available who are dedicated to facilitating study assistance, remedial services…

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Tamwood Careers Gallery

Our Team

Aida Nieto

Sales Coordinator - Latin America

Alena De Souza

Sales Coordinator - Europe

Cathy Gao

Business Development Manager - China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Jeong Suk Seo

Business Development Manager - Korea, Thailand & Vietnam

Jharana Sheth

Business Development Manager – South Asia and Africa

Emily Wu

Business Development Manager - Taiwan

Lukas Cepero

Business Development Manager – Italy, Turkey, Middle East

Maria Vicente

Business Development Manager – Brazil & Portugal

Yasu Komukai

Business Development Manager - Japan