Certificate & Diploma Programs 

Get the certifications and work experience to launch your dream career in Digital Marketing.

 Program length

Certificate Program – 27 weeks
24 weeks study term+
3 weeks Capstone Project

Co-op Diploma Program – 48 weeks
24 weeks study term+
24 week of Co-op work placement

  Time Table
Mon – Thu Fri 
9:00-16:00 Free time to work No Classes -Free time to work
16:00-21:00 Class No Classes -Free time to work


In this digital age, the world needs more digital marketers. These programs are designed and taught by working industry professionals to give you the skills and knowledge you need for marketing success. The Digital Marketing programs focus on the many channels of marketing in modern day business practices. Students will learn how to select the appropriate marketing channels and generate and curate tailored content that is meaningful for their target audiences.

Topics covered in these programs include digital marketing strategies, social media, search engine optimization, campaign management, e-mail marketing, content marketing, online advertisement, web analytics, principles of design and WordPress website management.


Learn from Industry Experts


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Evening Classes 


Work While Studying

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, you will have an understating of all aspects of digital marketing, digital communications, branding, web design, social media management and marketing automation.

Co-op Work Experience

Students in the Diploma program  complete a 480-hour paid work placement. You will start yourpaid work term on completion of your six-month study term. You have up to 24 weeks in which to complete your 480 Co-op work experience hours.  Tamwood staff work with you from day one to assist you in finding your co-op work placement and check-in on you while you are on your work term. Through out the program, you will be given the opportunity to network and build connections with hiring partners.  Placements can be in any industry and are typically entry level positions that give students exposure to one or more aspects of digital marketing.

Work While Studying

Students in both the Certificate program and the Diploma program have the option to work part-time (20 hours per week) throughout their entire program to make money to pay for their living expenses in Canada.  Tamwood Careers offers a package of services it calls “ Launch Pad Services” to assist students in finding work Fast! Tamwood teaches students everything they need to know about living and working in Canada including how to look for work, write a North American style resume and do a job interview.  As well, students get access to Tamwood’s exclusive online Hot Jobs List to source available jobs. The cost of the Launch Pad Services is included in the tuition fee for the Diploma program and is an extra cost for the Certificate program. 

Admission Requirements

Minimum age: 19 years

Language Skills: You must demonstrate you have an intermediate level/level 5 English with Tamwood Careers’ online written test and admission interview, or by presenting evidence of having achieved any of the following: CEFR B1, IELTS 5.5, TOEFL ibT 52-64, Cambridge PET (Merit), Tamwood Language Centres’ level 5 or proof of successful completion of Tamwood Language Centre EAP 193 is presented.

*Students who need to improve their English skills before getting admitted to this program can take English courses at Tamwood Language Centres.


Name of Course/Subject # Weeks # of Hours
Introduction to Marketing 4 80 hrs
Digital Marketing Fundamentals 4 80 hrs
Marketing Channels – Paid Channels 4 80 hrs
Marketing Channels – Content is King 4 80 hrs
Strategic Web Design 4 80 hrs
Marketing Technology & Automation 4 80 hrs
Cooperative Work Experience (Diploma only) Max 24 480 hrs
Capstone Project (Certificate only) 3 40 hrs




The Capstone Project, which is part of the Certificate Programs at Tamwood Careers, is an academic project in which students select a topic of their studies and their held of work. This is submitted in the form of a final written report or presentation. In selecting and working on their project, students will practice critical thinking, solving challenging problems, and developing skills such as oral communication, research skills, planning, self-sufficiency and goal setting-valuable skills that are sought after by employees!


“In class we’re learning business skills for the jobs of tomorrow. I like that our instructors teach the reality of the business world instead of just reading about it from a book.”– Yujin Park, Korea


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