GSS 2018 – A Year in Review

Global Startup School 2018 – Year in Review 2018 was marked by success at Global Startup School, as GSS students turned entrepreneurship training into real world results in their own lives through a unique, hands-on approach to learning – tailored to the opportunities of the global market. Students gain startup essentials in debut year for […]

GSS Talks with Sam Thiara

We introduced GSS Talks in a past blog entry talking about how GSS Talks was created to be a platform of open communication to share stories and learn from one another. Essentially, this is what GSS Talks is all about: Sharing Stories + Connecting Entrepreneurs.   Last February 1, we had our first GSS Talks […]

Meet The GSS Team- Tamsin Plaxton

Tamsin Plaxton, Co-Founder of Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers and President & Managing Director of Tamwood International College. Tamsin has been working in the education industry for 25 years now and her vast knowledge and experience is exemplary of a successful entrepreneur. How did Tamsin begin a career in the education industry? One summer […]

GSS Talks @ The Global Startup School

  Sharing Stories + Connecting Entrepreneurs  Investing in your education is as important as ever, but today, there are many alternatives to the traditional MBA. The new Global Startup School at Tamwood Careers has set out to redefine how entrepreneurship is taught in Canada with a goal of cultivating the next generation of business leaders. This […]

30 Tips For A Successful Business Journey

  Becoming an entrepreneur can seem so daunting, we know. There is a lot to learn and the competition is tough as ever. Regardless, you are determined to give it a try- otherwise you would not have landed on this page! Thankfully, we are here to offer 30 tips and tricks that you can carry […]

7 Reasons to Work in a Startup

The number of startup companies around the world is growing at an incredible rate. Vancouver, in particular, is becoming a huge startup hub. Hundreds of young, creative people are turning their passions into real work by taking a chance on their dreams. So, even if founding your own company doesn’t seem appealing at the moment, there is […]

Experience Entrepreneurship at the Global Startup School by Tamwood Careers – Coming to Vancouver January 2018

Vancouver, BC Investing in your education is as important as ever, but today, there are many alternatives to the traditional MBA.   It takes more than just a good idea to have a successful business; it takes having founders who have an entrepreneurial and global mindset, strong business knowledge and skills, and who know how […]

5 Fundraising Tips For Your Startup

You’ve got a great idea for a new business and you have found all the tools that you need, except for the funding. Being an entrepreneur comes with its set of obstacles but funding remains to be one of the biggest challenges for starting business to stay afloat. In recent years, more people are learning […]

14 Ways You Can Start Thinking Like A Millionaire

We’ve seen great people rise to unimaginable success over the past few decades. But becoming a multi-millionaire is no easy task. For many, becoming a millionaire is nothing but a dream, but then again, people who become millionaires don’t think the same way that many other people do. “The greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is […]