Five Reasons to Start Your Own Business rather than Work in Someone Else’s

  1. Have the flexibility that comes with being your own boss
  2. Earn more income
  3. Have control over decision making
  4. Pick the team you want to work with
  5. Legacy: make your mark on the world


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Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Five Reasons to Work in a Startup rather than in a Corporate Job

  1. Responsibilities are more but you learn more too
  2. More career opportunities in the future
  3. Get inspired to see things different by working with innovators
  4. Get credit for your work
  5. Work in a lively, fun and inspiring environment

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Reasons to be an Intrapreneur in a corporate job

For those who don’t want to venture out on their own for any variety of reasons, you can be entrepreneurial in becoming an intrapreneur — one who leverages the entrepreneurial spirit and tactics without the financial risk.   Intrapreneurship is responsible for a lot of product innovation around the world today.  58% of managers are either very willing or extremely willing to support employees who want to capitalize on a new business opportunity within their company (source: Promote Yourself, by Dan Schawbel).   The speed of change in business today is accelerating world-wide and big companies need to innovate constantly to stay relevant and competitive in these ever changing times.  The demand in established companies for employees who can see things differently, develop, test and successfully launch new product or market ideas is exploding. In the Global Startup School you will learn innovation, design thinking and product launch skills that will make you highly sought after for coveted jobs in big companies around the world.

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