Immigration Consulting Service for Tamwood Students

Tamwood Careers Pathway to Work and Study in Canada now includes FREE Immigration Consulting Services for students who do the Combo Program: English at Tamwood Language Centres plus Diploma or Certificate at Tamwood Careers College

Great News: Students can now apply for a study permit in Canada to do a work and study program and Tamwood will pay for your visa application services from a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant if they combine English classes with a career program at Tamwood.

New Canadian Immigration Regulations came into effect this year that allow students who do a pre-requisite language course in Canada to now apply for a study permit IN CANADA. This means you can come as tourist to Canada to study English at Tamwood Language Centres and when you have completed the required English level for Tamwood Careers we will issue you the paper work you need to apply for the study permit without having to leave Canada. Also new is the fact that students do not have to wait for the study permit to start their studies in the career program. They can now start at the college as soon as the study permit application is filed.

Benefits to Students:

  1. Come to Canada as a tourist and start your English course any week of the year;
  2.  When you think you have reached the level required for admission to Tamwood Careers you can challenge the level and get the Certificate of Completion (you may not have to complete all 12 weeks of classes to achieve the required English level) which you need for the study permit application;
  3.  Visa approval rates in Canada are statistically much higher than they are overseas;
  4.  No gap in studies – as soon as you complete the pre-requisite English course at Tamwood you can apply for the study permit and start studying at Tamwood Careers. Visa processing in Canada takes about 8 weeks and when you get your study and work permits you can get your Social Insurance Number and start working; and
  5.  Tamwood will pay for your visa consulting services with a registered immigration consultant to assist you with your study and work permit application – this is a $500 service that you will get for FREE!

How you can take advantage of this offer:

  1. Students who do not have the level of English required to go straight into their career program or who prefer to apply in Canada for the study permit should register for General English or EAP 192 or 193 at Tamwood Language Centres. Pre-requisites for the Careers Programs are:
    a. Tamwood Level 4 or EAP 192 for all Hospitality and Tourism Programs
    b. Tamwood Level 5 or EAP 193 for all Business School and Entrepreneurship Programs.
  2.  Student arrives as a tourist and starts their English program at Tamwood
  3.  Student applies to Tamwood Careers while studying English and receives a Conditional Letter of Acceptance which names the Tamwood English course they are taking as the condition the student must satisfy for admission
  4. Student successfully completes the pre-requisite English course or they challenge the level by getting 80% or more on the level Challenge Test and receives the Course Certificate and Progress Report
  5.  Tamwood hires Immigration Consulting firm to assist student in making their study and work permit application in Canada
  6. Student starts studying at Tamwood Careers

Students can take this combination package in Toronto, Whistler or Vancouver.  Programs available:

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Written by : Marianna Cherniuk

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