Making the Most of the Program – Professional Development

While every unit in the program is beneficial to our students here in Tamwood Careers, the unit on professional development I find to be one of the most useful. Our students are taught how to properly formulate resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, how to ask for references and how to properly conduct themselves in a more formal interview setting.

The students digested a large amount of information on the labour market in BC, learned what certifications would be useful in their job search, how to search for jobs online, and had to write motivational letters to themselves using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Based) goals.

The students here at Tamwood are tremendous self-starters. During this last unit, many had taken incredible initiative, applied the skills and knowledge they took from the course to immediately look for work in Vancouver. One student had managed to land two interviews for project management positions, while many others had been hired at restaurants and hotels in the downtown core.

In this unit, we were lucky enough to have two guest speakers come in. Ahmad Chamay, the Business Development Manager in Middle Eastern Relations at Tamwood, gave a well-received talk on how to effectively use Linkedin, focusing on how to approach connections and explore opportunities through their networks. The students exclaimed how helpful and informative his presentation was. Our second guest speaker, Rod Coleman, a previous Careers instructor, came back to give a talk on proper interview etiquette. He took the students through his history of holding interviews, explaining what pitfalls to avoid and how to feature the best of themselves.

We care a great deal about our students and work to help them achieve their educational goals, as well as to explore potential career paths. I am always glad to be a reference for students who study hard and give it their all in my class.

David Wray
Instructor of Tourism and Hospitality, Tamwood Careers

Written by : Tamwood Careers

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