7 students graduate the study part today

Today, seven students graduate from the study portion of the Tamwood Careers course!

Diego, JP, EJ, Sik, Alberto, Alba and xxx all joined Tamwood Careers in April and will now move on to complete their 24-week work practicum.
Diego was kind enough to answer some questions on his experience at Tamwood Careers:

How did you enjoy studying at Tamwood Careers?

It has been one of the greatest experiences in my life, I was a little concerned in the beginning with this being my first international trip and I was doing it by myself, so when I arrived in Vancouver and realized that I could communicate with no problem with everyone a big weight got lift from my shoulders, then the first day at school was really fun and better because I could actually use what I was learning at Tamwood to get a job and then use the knowledge at the job, and the best part for me is all the new friends that I have now, so in a nutshell coming to Tamwood was the best decision I could have made.  

What was your favorite experience at Tamwood Careers?

My favorite experience was the summer festival, it was my first month here and I got to work with everyone to create this great event for the English students, it was tough a lot of work to do but it was so much fun and in the end a success everyone enjoyed.


How have you enjoyed living in Vancouver so far?

I feel like home here in Vancouver, many students feel homesick after 1 or 2 months, I was always sure that I want to keep living in Vancouver, it’s a beautiful city full of life and with people from all over the world and it looks like a big city but it has a way of a small city, living in downtown I can do everything by foot or just take the skytrain or the bus, I really like my Vancouver life.


What is different about studying in Canada to studying in Brazil?

The biggest difference is how people see studying, in Brazil many times they don’t care just go to study because they have to, here everyone has an objective and it’s hard to get the visa to come to Canada so the students here take it seriously because they know that this is a great asset for their future.


Would you recommend studying at Tamwood Careers to your friends?

I definitely would recommend, I had a blast studying here knowing so many people with the most diverse culture backgrounds, my teachers were amazing with so much in common with me, the content of the course really helps you to be prepared to get a good job not only in Vancouver but anywhere in the world you might go after the conclusion of the course, the staff is always ready to help you anytime you need I can only say that this has been an amazing journey that I was pleased to take.





Written by : Tamwood Careers

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